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Here's brief information about services we can offer you:

BIOKONBRIO (LLC "KonBrio") offers a wide range of technical and technological solutions for the urgent production problems in key areas:

  • milk
  • grain
  • feed
  • meat
  • beverages
  • fats / oils / sauces
  • ingredients.


Moreover, we are working with laboratory equipment, including solutions for laboratories specializing in microbiology.

In order to save the ingredients, energy and finances in the process of production of our clients significantly, LLC "KonBrio" offers top quality equipment.

Today "KonBrio" is the official distributor in Russia of the following companies:

FOSS, Denmark - production and sales of analyzers for assessing the quality of products in the dairy, meat and agricultural industry. 


OMVE, Netherlandsleading company specialized in high quality, small-scale liquid process equipment for laboratory and pilot applications.


We can also offer you products of the following componies: 

  • SY-LAB (microbiological analyzers)
  • SANYO - Panasonic (refrigerators)
  • UNISENSOR (4 sensor tests on antibiotics).


If you are interested in the products provided by our company, have any questions, or you want to cooperate with us, please contact us by phone or by mail, stated on the website, we will be glad to answer you.

We are looking forward to new contacts!

Sincerely, BIOKONBRIO Team.




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E-mail: info@biokonbrio.ru

+7 (495) 505 75 57
+7 (916) 155 67 23